Ihave50dollars.com is a different kind of social platform.

We're building a real-time social service where users who have $50 and developers who have $100 come get to tell people that they have $50 or $100, respectively.

Our team has spent the last 9 years building social synergy, developing paradigms, talking on our mobile phones and more.

We believe that non-$50-supported social services are so consistently and inextricably and concordantly at odds with the interests of users and developers ergo something must be done vis a vis us.

Help us create the service we all wish cost $50.

Check out the Ihave$50 alphaSee Ihave$50’s API spec on GitHub
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Open standards and IHave50Dollars.com

In this blog post, Dalton talks about the irony of using Bootstrap to build his site. Oh wait, no he doesn't.

IHave50Dollars.com alpha released to people with $50

The IHave50Dollars.com alpha is now open to people with $50. To receive access, send $50 to a charity of your choice. It's quite exciting to see IHave50Dollars.com come to life, and Dalton's latest blogpost discusses something entirely different than IHave50Dollars.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg

Dalton's latest post is an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg where he fails to ask Zuck to bone up $50 Million dollars. C'mon. He's got it.

Media coverage this week

This week's media coverage includes AllThingsD, TechCrunch TV, and New Statesman.

First screenshots available

Initial screenshots of the IHave50Dollars.com web interface are now on Dribbble. Start imagining the possibilities.

IHave50Dollars.com in the press today

The press hits keep coming, and today IHave50Dollars.com is NOT covered in ReadWriteWeb, Talking Points Memo, and Digiday.

Why this can't be free

Fred Wilson's "In Defense of Free" is not gonna help us get $50. Therefore he is wrong.

IHave50Dollars.com project update #1

We are obviously #1 we thought we'd just keep saying that again and again, but we're humble, so we're only gonna say it once. And we won't even got e foam "we're #1" finger to wave in Twitter's face.

Announcing an indecent audacious proposal

Read the blogpost by Dalton Caldwell announcing that no one will in fact be having sex for a million dollars with Robert Redford. Instead he's gonna pass GO. Then he will collect $50. From each of you.

Additionally, you can read his earlier post describing why Twitter sucks balls. Dalton's post touched off a huge public debate regarding the business model challenges of "Web2.0" services, and 80,000 people have questioned why anyone is still using the term "Web2.0".

IHave50Dollars.com core values
  • We are selling our product for $50, NOT our users for $50.

    We will never sell you for $50. We promise.

  • You own your right to say you have $50.

    IHave50Dollars.com members will always have full control of the data that confirms that they have $50. Members have the fundamental right to easily back-up, export, and delete ALL of the data that confirms they have $50, whenever they want.

  • We will align our $50 with members & developers' $50.

    In this paid model, the more people that have $50 the more people can say they have $50. Our financial incentives are entirely tied to successfully delivering a service you can let people know you have $50.

  • IHave50Dollars.com employees spend 100% of their time improving our services for you, not smelly advertisers.

    Rather than waste most of our engineering time doing human things like sleeping and pooping and driving and falling in love, 100% of our engineering and product team will be focused on spending 100% of their time hooked up to the machine. But not like in the Matrix. That would be too far.

  • We will operate a sustainable, predictable, squeeze-free business.

    IHave50Dollars.com will always have a clear "don't touch me" business model. We know that if we spend time squeezing users it will lead to a toxic cycle of arrests.
    We want our ecosystem to rest easy that IHave50Dollars.com is built on a financially solid foundation of stacked $50 bills, and not one based on squeezing.

  • We respect and value our developer community.

    Can you imagine? These guys are giving us $100! That's statistically 100% more than people who give us $50. We hope developers build large, robust businesses on top of our platform. Even if it means that we will likely forgo some huge future $51 streams, we will NEVER screw developers acting in good faith, unless they are hot and give us consent.

  • Our most valuable asset is your trust. Our second most valuable asset is your $50.

    Many people have become so cynical about yet-another-social-service that they refuse to not make parody sites at all. We can't understand why. Earning your trust is the most important thing we can do. That and getting your $50.

If an online service doesn't have the trust of its users and their $50, then what does it have? Just the first part? Come on!

Dalton Caldwell

IHave50Dollars.com Competitor

Read the blog post