You can also borrow a non-banknote to finance the reconstruction


Have you inherited an older house from your grandparents, bought a new apartment, or are you going to renovate and rebuild? A challenging task awaits you, not only physical but also material. Not in any case, the financing of the reconstruction has to be dealt with by a loan with the establishment of a real estate and search for a guarantor, especially if it is not a complete remodeling.

Strict conditions for banks prevent people with lower incomes from borrowing, but we also have a solution for you to enjoy your home.

Licensed non-bank companies must comply with the strict conditions of the National Bank, and therefore their offers are more fair compared to the practices that clients have pointed out in the past.

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How can you finance a reconstruction with a non-bank loan?

How can you finance a reconstruction with a non-bank loan?

Non-bank companies offer two basic types of loans for housing reconstruction .

 Purposeless loans where you can borrow a larger amount relatively quickly. The advantage is that you do not have to tax the used funds. You can redo your kitchen for a portion of the money, buy a new car , or pay off other debts . It’s just up to you to use what and when. However, higher RPMN values ​​should be considered in this case.

The second option is a special-purpose loan that is linked to modernization or reconstruction. Interest rates are lower compared to non-purpose loans, they are available to almost everyone and you handle them very quickly.

Although a specific loan means that you should document purpose, that is, all work, aids, materials used must be documented with blocks and invoices that are solely in the name of the person who requested the loan. Despite all the papers and blocks, this type of loan pays much more, and not all non-banknotes require documentation.

At the moment, you can choose from several non-bank companies on the market that will be happy to provide you with a special interest loan.

So how much can you borrow and under what conditions individual non-bank companies?

So how much can you borrow and under what conditions individual non-bank companies?

Home Credit


A well-known non-bank company ideal for people who need a lower amount for reconstruction. Home Credit will lend you from € 400 to € 6,000. Funds can be used for anything, so they are not earmarked .

When applying for a loan, prepare an ID card proving your legal age along with another proof of identity and proof of your income . The entire process of equipping your loan is free, you can handle it from the comfort of your home. Just fill out an online application and wait for Home Credit to contact you.

You do not pay any fee for the equipment as well as early repayment. If the terms of the agreement do not satisfy you for any reason, you can return the loan within 30 days of signing the contract without any penalty or interest.



modernization of housing It provides loans for persons with permanent residence in Slovakia from 18 to 65 years , while at the time of the last installment the client must have a maximum of 75 years. It is also necessary to prove the photocopy of the ID card , receipt and current account statement to which you want to send funds.

Tradesmen also need proof of tax return, the right to do business in the Slovak Republic and retirees again have a current pension. You can borrow from 2000 to 50,000 euros while signing the contract is free. The advantage is also the possibility of extra payment , thanks to which you can repay the loan faster whenever you want.

Quatro Loans

Quatro Loans

Quatro will also provide a loan to renovate an apartment or house for applicants between 21 and 65 years of age . Just like previous companies, you need your ID card , another proof of identity , a receipt and, of course, your own bank account . They will lend you without a guarantor and for anything from 600 to 10,000 euros . You can set the amount and length of repayment yourself and the money will be credited to your account within 24 hours of signing the contract.



A newcomer to the Slovak market offers a purpose-free loan called the Reasonable Loan. You can borrow from 500 to 5000 euros , the condition is a permanent income from employment or business . Just fill out the online form , then a company representative will contact you and agree on more details.

The loan can be paid in advance without charge, the equipment is also free of charge. As Silverside is a new non-bank company, get ready for a stricter creditworthiness review . The mothers do not get a loan for their parent or people receiving any social benefits.

Slovenská Požičovňa

Non-bank company providing only special purpose loans without the need to document invoices and blocks . It is enough if you have 21 to 75 years of age , permanent residence in the Slovak Republic and regular income from employment, business or retirement. When signing the contract, you will provide a receipt of your income and ID card.

As for the amount, you can borrow from 5,000 to 20,000 euros. The amount of the loan and the repayment period can be determined in advance on the website of the Slovak rental company. Subsequently, thanks to the online form, you can apply for a loan directly from the comfort of your home. As with other non- bankers, the entire loan process is free with the option of early repayment.

Fast Loan to


Sometimes the need for reconstruction appears unexpectedly. Something that may have been postponed for a long time due to lack of funding may go wrong in the home. A quick loan within 24 hours can be yours within a few hours of completing the application .

You can borrow from 500 to 6000 euros and the maturity starts from 6 months. Mothers on maternity leave, the unemployed (but with lower amounts) or pensioners can also apply for this loan.

You can request a loan through this online request and start reconstructing it the next day.

Each of the offered loans has its exits and disadvantages. The loan that is beneficial to your neighbors or friends may not be for you. Therefore, carefully consider the amount you need to rebuild your apartment, the repayment period, and compare individual RPMNs.