Taking a loan is usually designed to enable us to cope with situations of economic lack and gives us flexibility in times when we are more stressed economically

There are a whole range of entities that enable, after checking eligibility, a loan and are divided into off-banking loans and bank loans. There are advantages and disadvantages in both cases and therefore it is desirable to examine the order of the hour and find out where to get a loan quickly

Since 1998, Adv. Avivim has been specializing in providing a variety of credit and financing solutions and providing loans for any purpose. The company has established a high level of service and is meticulous in correctly identifying the borrower’s repayment ability and adjusting the right loan amount for him.

Interesting loan?

Interesting loan?

Loans at the Aviv Aviv Company

Led Avivim provides advanced loan solutions and offers off-banking loans to salaried employees, self-employed, existing and new companies and businesses. The company was established in 2010 and since its establishment it has earned a high reputation in the industry and its services are considered the most advanced. The company merged with an investment and financial company established in 1998 and is considered a leader in its field and has long-standing reputation in the provision of non-bank loans under lucrative terms. Today, the company offers a strong financial backing and financial ability that enables anyone who wants to find the loan and the financing and credit solutions they need.

Why take a loan with us?  Service Quick response and receiving a loan at aminut reliability Since 1998, we provide credit and financing services  professionalism Know how to customize the best route for you Read more about Led Avivim Loans 

Non – bank loans

Capital raising is an important step in starting a business. Not everyone has high equity. In many cases, business owners take loans and carry out a business plan to promote their business. Capital Raising is one of the most important steps for starting a business. Therefore, the good advice of an economic consultant and a non-bank financing company such as the Aviv Aviv company that has the financial experience and professionalism in providing loans can give you the right plan to open your business. Financial support for the proper conduct of the business, at least initially, until it begins to roll money. Sometimes there are business owners who are financing the business or their property at the request of the company that gives the loan, whether bank or if the company is non-banker

Sometimes you can raise funds in different ways, whether taking a loan from your family, friends or from various sources. Only when there are summers and you notice that you have no choice, it’s time to start taking an interest in taking loans from a safe and reliable company, like Lad Avivim. The speed does not have good results, about a month before you think about taking a loan you have to find out about the interest rates and the different terms in all sorts of companies, but it is better to get to the companies that are known to be more familiar.


Interested in a loan?

Interested in a loan?

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Example Loan:

Minimum 12 monthly payments and maximum 18 monthly payments

Interest: The Aviv Aviv Company sees a supreme value in matching the loan and interest to the repayment ability of the borrower’s loan

Maximum Annual Interest Amount 15.5%

All of the above subject to the approval of the eligibility of a loan, the borrower’s conditions and his financial situation and the decision of the Company’s management
The above refers to Google’s loan policy
Led by Avivim reserves the right to change the operation of Natai and the loan in the event of taking a loan

 Loan amount Refund Period annual interest Monthly return Total refund 10000 NIS 12 13.5% 1135 13620 20000 ₪ 18 15.5% 962 23100