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Global Telco briefing paper to international consultancy Frost & Sullivan for evaluation of its TUV/CBDC digital currency equivalents reveals that TUV’s fully operational capabilities exceed mainstream theories of digital currency capabilities/ CBDC to the point of being startling – and potentially heralding the biggest changes in over a century for money and finance as we know it

LONDON and NEW YORK, July 28. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (“WM”), the global phone company that developed the first functional equivalent of the global digital currency and global equivalent of the CBDC – the “TUV” – has issued its Briefing Document to International Consultancy Frost & Sullivan for the valuations of its three types of TUV (TUV “Standard”, “Secured” and “Smart”).

The briefing paper revealed the scope, range and capabilities of WM’s fully operational digital currency/CBDC equivalent – using, as it does, 21st Century technologies and global connectivity from Global Telco.

The results exceed – by multiple factors – all the most optimistic predictions and forecasts of the progress that a functional digital currency or CBDC could bring to all sectors and markets around the world, and to the global digital economy itself. They are significant in that they could potentially usher in the most significant changes to existing concepts of money, currencies, finance, and economics in over a century.

Additionally, WM’s TUVs and the equivalent of WM’s Global Financial System – having been tested and operationally refined for over eight years – are currently fully operational for not only corporate/merchant and individual use. /consumers worldwide, but also for immediate adoption by central and commercial banks and other fundamental financial entities if they wish.

Indeed, the WM system and the TUVs have been structured to enable transparent, global access and use of the “whole market” – without requiring systemic change or modification by parties, and across industries, countries , currencies and systems. This allows all people and/or entities around the world to benefit from its profound advances, including:

Geostrategic attributes (7 examples out of more than 100):
Seven of the more than 100 new fully operational and proven capabilities brought by TUVs and the WM system are:

  • A fully operational global unitary global currency equivalent:
    Achieved without countries having to change their own currencies or systems – as TUVs are instantly interchangeable between any currency in the world – so can be in any currency in the world, but instantly convertible to any of the other currencies of the world, at the choice of the owner.
  • A fully operational alternative to current digital currency and cash systems – combined:
    The secure storage, transfer and/or payment facilities – all from any internet-enabled electronic device, smart phone or pre-smartphone – and the ability to convert cash into digital TUVs and refund TUVs into bank accounts or via kiosks, give TUVs the functionality and user-friendliness of digital money and cash – simultaneously.
  • A fully operational, faster, more secure and less expensive alternative to the global SWIFT system:
    TUVs can be transferred or used for worldwide transfers or payments, in secure and instant transfers 24/7/365 on the WM system. This provides a fully operational alternative to SWIFT/IBAN and other systems that is faster (1/100e of a second), more secure and exponentially less expensive than other systems.
  • A fully operational alternative to the global forex market:
    TUV currencies can be exchanged between all currencies on the WM system 24/7/365 in a completely secure manner with permanent full reserve coverage – for fully secure global currency conversions at rates set by currency owners. Can be used for fully secure and instant retail and wholesale FX conversions, as well as RTGS and PvP trades of any size.
  • A return to equivalent gold standard currencies:
    WM’s secure TUVs are fully backed not only by reserves at 100% of their face value in foreign currency, but also by their full face value in physical gold. This brings the currencies back to Gold-Standard status with the corresponding security of value.
  • A permanent hedge against inflation and currency depreciation:
    The ability to instantly convert TUV to alternate currencies in TUV Standard – as well as securing TUV Secured with Physical Gold in addition to the ability to convert to other currencies – provides permanent cover against currency depreciation and inflation – and in the case of secured TUVs – also a hedge against systemic failures.
  • A fully operational and global eKYC and eAML system:
    With the most complete and advanced application that allows lawyers and notaries in situ to perform KYC in all countries, then re-certify KYC once provided, and with WM system to further manage transactions within the rules and perform ongoing KYC and AML monitoring of all transactions – 24/7/365.

The number of new geostrategic attributes is further dwarfed by the number of new general systemic and process improvements to current systems and processes.

A small selection of these is as follows:

General system and process improvements (5 of over 250 examples)

  • Instant Global Multi-Currency Accounts for Business/Merchant and Individual/Consumer:
    Enable instant business expansion and cost reduction for merchants and consumers worldwide in/for all currencies and countries.
  • Instant global multi-currency payment acceptance and payment systems for all currencies and countries:
    In all currencies and countries and without requiring new payment terminals or processes, as smart phones or pre-smart mobile phones are used as payment and receiving terminals. Also reduces costs for merchants and consumers around the world while increasing speed and security.
  • Instant replacement of expensive intermediary entities for the majority of transactions via the “Smart TUV”:
    The world’s first equivalent of “Programmable Money” allows parties to transactions to tailor the payment of funds based on transactions/transaction structures/conditions/dates/times/other attributes. Removes the requirement for intermediaries for the majority of transaction types, including in letter of credit transactions, global trade transactions, etc. Exponentially reduces costs, increases speed and strengthens security.
  • Instant onboarding of the 30% of the world’s unbanked/underbanked into the 21st Digital economy of the century:
    The TUVs and WM system have been structured to enable the secure and KYCd+AMLd process of converting cash to digital TUVs, and redeeming TUVs through kiosks. Besides replicating and improving the instant friendliness and convenience of cash in many global cash market economies, this has also provided an instant solution for the full inclusion of the 30% of the world’s unbanked and under -banked in the global digital economy.
  • Instant reduction in transaction costs, increase in transaction security and increase in transaction and settlement speed:
    The use of TUVs and the WM system leads to an instantaneous and exponential reduction in transaction costs, an increase in transaction security, an increase in instantaneous transaction speeds and an increase in instantaneous settlement speed for consumers and merchants, in all currencies and all countries, and for all amounts, for all transfers and payments.

A more complete list of innovations, new capabilities and enhancements to existing systems is listed in the backgrounder provided to Frost & Sullivan by WM – a redacted copy of which is attached to this article.

Its content continues to generate tremendous interest and debate around the world – particularly because TUVs, the WM system and capabilities are not theoretical future proposals. Rather, they are factual characteristics of tested, duly verified, proven, and fully operational measured realities and benchmarks – confirmed by over eight years of global operational testing and refinement.

The Information Statement has been made public by WM as a disclosure requirement; because WM will list a special purpose vehicle holding WM shares on a retail stock exchange in the United States at the end of 2022.

Since the valuation of the TUVs – the value of which will be added to WM and its shares and therefore to the value of the Special Purpose Vehicle – will have a significant effect on the value of the Special Purpose Vehicle after it is listed, this was to a Disclosure Obligation for WM to Make the Information Statement Public.

The geostrategic nature of the WM system and TUVs and their capabilities have already led various international entities to approach WM for input on CBDCs and related matters, and it is expected that the potential acquisition of interests in the company by entities international financial and economic fundamentals or strategies may ensue. However, WM has not yet expressed any interest in a commercial sale.


To contact WM: [email protected]

Research Papers on Converging Capabilities of the WM System by Professor Jan Kregel – Former Chief Rapporteur, UN General Assembly President’s Expert Commission on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System:

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