Many young people under special higher education may have problems with getting the economy to hang completely together. Increasing housing shortage, and thus housing prices, and an SU next door, which can rarely cover any special consumption.

Many cannot afford to work side-by-side in time, and they want it to be withheld from strict tax consequences. Therefore, there are many young people who may need a loan.

During training and need a loan?

 During training and need a loan?

You can take an SU loan as education staff, where you get a favorable interest rate. Today, it is called “Loan 6”, where the interest rate is 4% – in return, it must be repaid already from 1 January a year after graduation.

In addition, there are also limits on how much you can borrow. If you are going abroad, you can receive a maximum of DKK 105,882 (2018 figures) and otherwise the limit of DKK 3.116 is in SU loans in 2018 (parents can raise an additional DKK 1,559 per month).

See the current SU rates here .

If the state restrictions are too much, there are certainly other good opportunities. Start talking to the bank. They can, besides the state, give you a favorable interest rate and are certainly a good alternative. It is harder to get a loan from the bank because young people do not have the same financial means to repay as a person in work. It can therefore be a challenge for you.

Nor should you be legally concerned, because anyone over the age of 18 has the right to borrow without being deprived of their SU. In most cases you will find that it is harder than that.

Online loan companies can be an alternative

Online loan companies are directly targeting private customers who consume to virtually anyone – why they are increasingly becoming popular among young people. Here it is important to know that all providers have age requirements, so it makes a difference whether you, for example. is 19 or 21 years.

Miss Marple makes you wiser about your options, based on your age. Just look at our pages on loans as 19 years old and loans as 21 years old . You will quickly find out the selection is different.

Not quite as much as students as young people outside the education system, because they are often aware of the large interest rate consequences that come with. But nonetheless, it is quick and simple, and can help provide an extra fresh economic breath in everyday life – or support you in something that comes together.

Whatever it is, it may be – in some cases – a good last resort if the SU loan, savings or the bank does not work as an alternative.