The new vegan crypto currency is listed on the cash

TEL AVIV, Israel – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – SIPUP (OTCPINK: SPUP) today announced that its UK-based subsidiary, VeganNation Finance Services Ltd. (, lists his digital coin on the Liquid exchange. Following the listing earlier this month on Bittrex, GRNC, one of the world’s premier vegan cryptocurrencies, is expected to launch on the Liquid Exchange starting on December 15, 2021.

The GRNC was designed by VeganNation to serve as a global green loyalty program, inspiring users to behave sustainably to have a positive impact on our society and the planet. By integrating GRNC into the recently launched VeganNation app in the US and soon to be launched in other global markets, VeganNation seeks to provide a tangible form of digital bidding for the global vegan community (merchants and customers, likewise), through which trade can be processed. GRNC will initially only be usable for transactions made in the application.

As part of the GRNC initiative, the VeganNation loyalty program aims to give app users a shared sense of community and a positive impact knowing that GRNC will be used in the context of businesses and business-centric enterprises. on vegans. The actual issuance of GRNC to app users will be calculated based on a proprietary algorithm that assigns values ​​to various activities that occur within the app, such as making purchases, becoming an influencer, using GRNC for B2B transactions, etc.

Additionally, application users will have the ability to establish integrated wallets designed to contain GRNC. These portfolios will ensure transparency and traceability of all GRNCs issued, stored and used through the use of a blockchain system.

Isaac Thomas, Co-Founder of VeganNation and CEO of Sipup, said: “With a focus on promoting global sustainability and reliability in the vegan world, our new ‘GreenCoin’ (GRNC) is taking VeganNation to take its place in the ESG arena.”

About VeganNation:

The VeganNation ecosystem aims to unite individuals, businesses and organizations to discover, share and exchange goods and services, based on plant values ​​and lifestyles. VeganNation seeks to lead the plant community with a sophisticated technology platform that enables a strong green economy to thrive.

The company supports sustainable commerce and promotes conscious and sustainable consumption and lifestyle. Visit the website at, download the VeganNation app on a smartphone and follow the company on Twitter (, Facebook

(, Instagram

(, LinkedIn

( and Youtube


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