Zimbabwe government to provide local currency fuel to motorists

The Zimbabwean government will implement a fuel supply program that can be purchased with local currency, relieving many motorists who cannot purchase fuel which must be paid for in foreign currency, as has been the case in almost all gas stations in the country.

Zimbabwe’s Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) announced on Friday that fuel will be allocated to specific target groups, while others will still need to purchase in foreign currency.

Although ZERA publishes monthly updates giving fuel prices in foreign and local currencies, many motorists without access to foreign currencies have been excluded from gasoline or diesel.

“The government intends to roll out a program to supply fuel in local currency (Zimbabwe dollar) to the market for the benefit of the following categories of consumers: agricultural value chain, public transport, government ministries and agencies, government projects, motoring. and emergency services.

“The rest of fuel consumers will continue to be served by oil companies using their own resources / free funds and selling the same fuel in foreign currency,” the agency said in a press release.

“At least 70% of the allocated fuel must be sold through the designated retail network and 30% to commercial (non-exporting) customers,” ZERA said.

Participating companies will also be required to designate retail locations and advertise locations selling fuel in local currency to the public in print and electronic media.

No containers will be filled with fuel at participating sites, ZERA said. Final element

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